Code of Conduct




Scope of Application

This Internal Code of Conduct is in application in the facilities and annexes of the sports complex named " CASTLE CLUB "  located at 16, Avenue de la Bécasse at 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem in Belgium.

This Code of Conduct applies to all persons frequenting the sports complex in the capacity of a user in whatever role it might be: club member, pupil, intern, parent of a pupil, a simple visiter, invitee, employee or self-employed person representing the club, a supplier… (List not limited and not exhaustive). This Code of Conduct complements the specific Codes of Conduct in application for the specific facilities (tennis, swimming pool, golf, fitness departments,…).

Every user recognises having taken note of the Code of Conduct, accepts the terms and agrees to respect all the General and specific provisions regarding the specific facilities on pain of being banned, temporarily or definitively, from accessing the Castle Club facilities with no compensation or reimbursement of his/her active membership. Each user is responsible for his invitees and agrees to make them respect the club Rules.


1.0. Each person entering the vicinity of the Castle Club is expected to know this Code of Conduct.


1.1. The sports facilities of the Castle Club are open 363 days per year except for force majeure reasons (annual closure on Christmas Day and the New Year). In the event of exceptional closure, it is not possible to claim compensation from the Castle Club. The weekday opening hours are from 8am to 10pm and from 9am to 10pm on weekends and bank holidays.

1.2. The member confirms that s/he has viewed the facilities prior to his/her registration.

1.3. Each new member has to fill out a registration form. S/he will indicate in a precise fashion his name, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Any change of address or of his/her details must be communicated by members as quickly as possible.

1.4. No person can frequent the sporting facilities or do anything as a member if his/her status in not in order with the accounting department. Memberships must be paid upon registration; the duration of validity is calculated from the start date to the end date on the basis of the duration of the membership taken out.

New members can choose the payment periodicity by opting for a monthly direct debit or annual membership. The monthly direct debit can only be taken out for a minimum duration of one year without cancellation.

The first 2 months of membership are to be paid on the day of registration with the entry fee. After 2 months, the amount will be withdrawn automatically every month. 

Any member who wants to stop his/her direct debit must give 3 months notice before being defiliated from the  Castle Club. The start date of the notice period is fixed on 1st of the month following the request for termination.


1.5. A temporary suspension can only be requested by a member on prior presentation of a medical certificate justifying the temporary suspension of minimum 1 month from all sports activities. No suspension will be accepted by Management if the duration of the suspension is less than 1 month and if the reason is not medical in nature.

1.6. Unless in case of a promotion, entry fees are applicable for every new member and are valid for life. However, should a member not extend their membership by its end date and decides to re-register after their membership has lapsed  for more than one year, they will be obliged to pay reactivation fees equivalent to  50% of the entry fee.

1.7. Signature of the registration form or creating a contact form via the internet site implies, for the new member, taking account of this Code of Conduct and complete acceptance without reservation of their different requirements.

1.8. By becoming a member, the member accepts being subjected to any control that might occur on the site.

1.9. New members must be at least 12 years old when they register. For new members under 12 years old, a  parent must subscribe for a membership of the same duration as his/her child. The child must adhere to the specific Codes of Conduct of each department (tennis, fitness, golf, swimming pool,…).

1.10. A special fee is in application for new groups of minimum 12 new adult members. The date of annual expiry is the same for each person in the group. No adtive member of the Castle Club can join the group to take advantage of the preferential fees in application. The payment of every group membership must be made annually and can in no case be made by direct debit.

1.11. All persons must pass by the reception before they can use the facilities. The management reserves the right to refuse access and/or registration of any individual without justifying its decision.

1.12. The management reserves the right to apply new member fees on 1st September each year without exception. No fee negotiation is accepted for any reason.


2.1. The Management of the Castle Club declines all responsability in case of theft, loss or degradation of personal belongings or equipment belonging to persons frequenting the facilities in a personal or group capacity. Lost property will be considered as such after a month.


2.2. The Management of the Castle Club declines all responsability in case of accidents caused by the actions of users in their capacity as individual, group, club or teaching esablishment including in the performance of sporting activities.

2.3. In case of deliberate damage, in addition to the costs of reparation and replacement, the Managment will take measures to exclude the person responsable. In the event of no agreement between the member and the Management, the latter will deal with the issue under common law.

2.4. The use of the club's sporting facilities is reserved for members, their invitees as well as sportsmen and -women taking part in official competitions or activities organised by the club. Access to the bar-restaurant is not limited to Castle Club members. However, every visitor must wait for authorisation by the Castle Club's Reception personnel to have access to the Bar-Restaurant without exception.


2.5. Every user will possess a badge for strictly his/her own use that must be used on a systematic and compulsory basis to register for each visit to the club by indicating which activity or activities they will do. In case of loss of the badge, a fee of € 10 can be charged for the replacement of a new badge. In case of repeatedly (3X) forgetting the badge, the Management will decide whether to refuse the user access to the facilities. Moreover, the member is irrevocably obligated not to give or lend his/her own badge to anyone else under pain of permanent exclusion of the member and the borrower of the card without compensation.

2.6. Visiting the club is only authorised for sporting and relaxation purposes.
It is, thus, strictly forbidden to perform professional or paid undertakings in whatever form they may be or to hold political, religious or confessional demonstrations.

2.7. Clothing and a correct attitude are required under pain of immediate and permanent exclusion from the facilities.

2.8. Invitees enjoy the same benefits as members of the Castle Club and are subject to the same rules as members.

2.9. Animals are not permitted inside the facilities. They are tolerated outside if they are on a lead and under the vigilant responsability of their owner.




3.1. Members are requested to respect the basic rules of cleanliness and health. Members are requested to respect hygiene rules linked to the specific activities of the Castle Club (Fitness : bare chests are prohibited and it is compulsory to use a towel. Swimming pool : shorts are not allowed and it is compulsory to wear a cap).

3.2. Correct clothing suitable and required for each sports activity.

3.3. It is formally forbidden to smoke inside the covered facilities under pain of immediate and permanent exclusion from the Club. Outside, cigarettes must always be extinguished in an ashtray designed for this purpose.

3.4. It is strictly forbidden to pick flowers, climb trees, throw away paper, cigarettes, bottles or other waste or whatever other items in the natural spaces surrounding the club.

3.5. The equipment of the club-house and/or the terrace are not to be moved from around the courts or to another place except by the manager for special events.

3.6. It is forbidden to ride a bike or a moped inside the facilities.

3.7. Cars, motorbikes and bikes must be parked in the spaces reserved for this purpose and respecting the car places for the disabled or for the staff.
Cars entering and exiting the car park must do so slowly. Parking cars must be done with care to enable maximum use of the space available and not obstructing the movement of other vehicles.

3.8.With the exception of tombolas or lotteries permitted by the Management, games involving money are strictly forbidden inside the club.

3.9. It is forbidden for members to stand in the places reserved for club personnel (kitchen, bar counter, offices, reception...).

3.10. Only Castle Club personnel are authorised to give individual classes, group classes and Personal Training. No other coach, under whatever pretext, may offer sports accompaniment or teach a lesson under pain of immediate exclusion.


4.1. The Management is at the disposal of any member who wishes to make a request or a complaint of whatever nature.

4.2. Persons who, through their behaviour, harm the smooth running or the facilities or who do not respect these Eules and other recommendations which are made by qualified persons will be subjected to the disciplinary measures in line with the severity of their actions :


- Reminder of the Rules
- Fine
- Temporary or permanent suspension

The amount of the fine and the duration of the suspension are fixed in each case by the Management.
The Management can furthermore decide to display the penalty applied for 2 weeks.

4.3. The Management's authority is sovereign in the matter. All members are banned from any recourse to the courts on all matters related to the application of these Rules now and in the future.

4.4. All instances not covered by the present Rules will be decided by the Management. The Management reserves the right to add or withdraw from the present Rules any clause as required or that is not longer in application.


The signee recognises having read and understood the Internal Code of Conduct for all of my family registered at Sport Village.