Swimming pool

The Castle Club's private swimming pool

The club’s pool is reserved for members and the swimming academy’s pupils.

Heated all year round, the water temperature is kept at between 27 and 29 degrees, which is an ideal temperature for learning to swim, doing lengths and just basking in the sun.

In summer, the telescopic roof means you can enjoy the sun and swim in the open air. In the winter, the roof is closed and thus is protected against bad weather.

The pool is 14 metres long and 7 metres wide with a varying depth of between 90 cm and 2,4 metres which enables you to relax but also to do different sports such as aquagym, aqua-zumba, scuba diving etc.

The pool also has a paddling pool with a depth of 40 cm to let the youngest kids get accustomed to water.

We organise swimming lessons every day, from beginner to proficiency level, from the age of 3.

Accredited lifeguards keep watch over the pool from 9am to 7pm.