Think you’ve tried every workout and nothing’s floating your boat anymore? This 30-minute class won’t only have you splashing with joy; it’ll hoist up your health and make waves with your friends, too.


A cocktail of classic circuit training drills, performed on an Aqua Base floating water mattress (which can’t drift) in the middle of a swimming pool, with a large glug of laughter and fun.

The resistance you feel trying to stay afloat standing on a raft gets your muscles hard at work on its own, so when you’re engaging in a full work out on top of the water, prepare for serious toning potential.

 What are the benefits of FloatFit?

  • It’s a full body workout:

The need to stay afloat will teach you to concentrate on your posture and strengthen your core while concentrating on burpees, planks, lunges and squats.

  • Good for all age groups:

Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between these Float Fit classes ,are suitable for all. Nobody takes it too seriously!

  • Improves proprioception (posture, to you and I):

Your balance is the only thing helping you stay on that mat so concentrate on maneuvering, controlling and adjusting your stance to aid your posture.

  • It’s so much fun and will make you feel good:

This class is not only excellent for keeping fit but it will also have you producing endorphins with all the laughter.

  •   Less impact on your joints:

Eliminating the heavy impact on hard surfaces will assist your joints in every way to reach fitness levels other workouts can fail you on.

  •  It’s only half an hour:

Don’t underestimate what can be done in 30 minutes - lunges, planks, burpees and squats... and all while trying to stay on top of the water. The best part? Ending with a splash.

Come and join our classes every Wednesday at 19:00 and 19:30 and improve your life quality with a lot of fun and laughter. Subscribe now to reserve your spot!!